Why Contractors Should Invest in SEO Now!

Life is good right? Home service professionals around the country are basking in the wealth of good paying home improvement jobs and can be booked out months. You know the phrase, what goes up must come down. When things are going good (financially) we tend to forget about the backup plan which is why contractors should invest in search engine placement services today. I’ve been marketing contractors for 14+ years and… Read Article →

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Why You Should Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Your Brand

Twitter is a great way to connect with prospects and current customers alike and now, Google’s re implemented live twitter feeds in search results meaning you know how a way in real-time, to connect with your audience in search. When did this happen? According to a Twitter blog, Tweets started kicking in around 8/21/2015. “We’re excited to team up with Google to bring Twitter’s unique, real-time content to Google’s search… Read Article →