1 Simple Tip to Eliminate Hiring the Wrong SEO Firm

You might have heard horror stories about fellow small businesses investing thousands of dollars over a given amount of time on SEO (search engine optimization) with little to no results. I am going to revile a very simple yet highly effective and somewhat obvious tip that could save you thousands of dollars and hopefully, make you back even more.


Because of its popularity, a substantial amount of businesses now sell search engine optimization regardless of their practical, technical or experience in the field.

This one simple tip will likely save you a lot of headaches and financial loss…

The obvious tip is this: If a business sells search engine visibility as a part of their service offering don’t you think they should be able to rank their own website for competitive keywords? If not, how do you expect them to do it for you?

Let’s say your search engine optimization provider is from Boise, ID. Do a simple Google search that includes their city + SEO – for an example; Boise SEO. Just replace Boise with your city’s name. Even if you get a referral from a friend or a friend, find out where the company is from and do a simple search like the one mentioned above. If they can’t position themselves on the 1st page then they likely won’t be able to do the same for you.

Last but not least, this is not a bullet proof tactic as some ‘seo’ providers use unethical ways to obtain short term rankings but it will potentially help eliminate a healthy number of imposters.

Good luck!