My Website Has Been Penalized Should I Change Domains?

This is a question that is asked more often than not. Your website was slapped with a penalty and your continues to fall — should you start over?

Recently I’ve worked with a few business owners who’ve had some troubles getting their rankings back because of a lengthy history of ‘not so great’ SEO.

A good friend of mine owns a local roofing company called Roofcorp. Roofcorp wasn’t hit with a manual action however it was apparent that something algorithmically was wrong. When performing link detox on the previous domain it was apparent that there were a handful of links that Google wasn’t excited about and likely held against them for their current rankings. In the world of SEO, tactics that worked years ago now get you penalized so it’s no fault to the SEOs that did that when it was ‘okay’ however, when Google decides various tactics are no loner welcome, it’s time to adjust strategy otherwise the SEO company could be at fault.

First off, Roofcorp had a what I consider ‘bad’ domain name — After meeting with the owner we found he had a variety of really good options including the current decided domain, Roofing It was a no brainier other than the potential of raking a big risk to change domains could result in no visibility at all.

At the time of our strategy meeting I decided it was worth the risk. The rankings were continuing to dive for several years and the size of the link portfolio (and amount of spammy links) made the decision simple — start from scratch.

We migrated from to and within a few short months the ranks stopped diving and started climbing.

Today, our suggestion proved as a success as Roofcorp ranks #1 for Denver Roofing and very close to that top spot for the majority of the other keywords.

If you’re a business who has spent millions of dollars on your brand, it might be worth keeping your domain name and getting the penalty assessed and repaired.

#ShopLocal Castle Rock Bike & Ski Promo for CRCO

Today I got to hang out with Mark & K.C. Neel, Owners of Castle Rock Bike & Ski. At CRCO we’re putting together a very aggressive #ShopLocal campaign and it’s important that the residents join in.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new mall going in and it could have devastating effects on downtown Castle Rock as we know it which is why we residents, need to kick off the new year by supporting our independent businesses around town.

Video Note: There were parts of this video that were a bit dark, I didn’t have a light kit with me, but I think you’ll get the point and hopefully support these guys.