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Castle Rock Independent Business Alliance

If you’re considering on joining the Castle Rock Independent Business Alliance (CRIBA) — please do. We need the support of the entire Castle Rock small business community so we can do great things.

I’ve been planning CRIBA for almost a year now and since I started, I’ve been asked often about what makes us different from the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce.

First, CRIBA falls under the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) affiliation. Before I go into too much depth, here’s a little more about them…

The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) is a non-profit organization helping communities launch and successfully operate an Independent Business Alliance® (IBA) or other pro-local business activities. This includes “buy independent, buy local” campaigns, advancing pro-local business policies, and other work to support local entrepreneurs and strengthen local economies. We are a network of, by, and for the community organizations and trade groups that comprise our membership. While most AMIBA affiliates are in the U.S., we are happy to help people in any interested community.”

I believe the Chamber of Commerce has their specific duties, and they do a tremendous job at what they do. The main difference between the Chamber of Commerce and CRIBA is our foremost mission, is to advocate and promote independent businesses. We drive awareness regarding the importance to shop local, we advocate for the small businesses and keep an eye out to make sure those who are elected, are doing things in the best interest of our local business owners and residents, among other things. CRIBA is designed to be a partnership with The Town, The Chamber and the other alliances around.

To learn more specifically about CRIBA visit us online at

#ShopLocal Castle Rock Bike & Ski Promo for CRCO

Today I got to hang out with Mark & K.C. Neel, Owners of Castle Rock Bike & Ski. At CRCO we’re putting together a very aggressive #ShopLocal campaign and it’s important that the residents join in.

If you haven’t heard, there’s a new mall going in and it could have devastating effects on downtown Castle Rock as we know it which is why we residents, need to kick off the new year by supporting our independent businesses around town.

Video Note: There were parts of this video that were a bit dark, I didn’t have a light kit with me, but I think you’ll get the point and hopefully support these guys.

Philip S. Miller Park – Castle Rock Incline

I headed down to Philip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock, CO this afternoon to grab a quick aerial shot of the incline.

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The video below is of Philip S. Miller Park (inside & out) just a few days before their opening. Yes, it’s the same music because the videos go together, enjoy!