Contractor SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process to better or ‘optimize’ ones website to perform better in search engine result pages. For an example; if you own a Castle Rock roofing company you might want to rank well in Google for keywords like ‘Georgetown, SC Roofing,’ or ‘Georgetown, SC Roofers,’ all which generate a good amount of free potential website traffic and lead source.

SEO is complex. SEO requires in-depth search engine knowledge. This is one of the many reasons that professional SEO firms charge thousands of dollars per month to improve a websites visibility in Google.

Since 2001 – Sean Hakes has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes win online. From Lending Tree, Amazon’s, Home Advisor and many more.

After 20 years in the industry Sean has created an SEO program designed to improve your local search engine rankings and drive new business.

SEO Firms charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month to optimize a website, how does Sean do it for $195/mo?

BIG SEO firms have a lot of overhead and expensive SEO experts to compensate. At Sean Hakes, we’ve cut our overhead. We do not have a fancy office to house our team of SEO experts, and we’ve created a process after decades of experience that works fast, and is impactful and doesn’t require the handling from various staff members. Additionally, we’ve cut cost by utilizing our online e-ticketing system. Finally, Georgetown and Pawleys Island are not that big in comparison to a Charleston or Columbia. Because of that, there’s less competition therefore we can get quicker results, for less!

Georgetown & Pawleys Island SEO

What’s Included

On-Page Optimization

Sean Hakes Consulting will dive into your websites meta data and content to ensure your site is relevant to the type of traffic you’re seeking. We will optimize the sites based on real search data and trends for up to 5 pages.

Technical SEO

Is your site slow? Are your images too big? Does your site have broken links? These are all things we can help diagnosis and repair to improve your reputation with Google.

Google MyBusiness

What is Google MyBusiness? Do you have a Google MyBusiness page? Does your Google MyBusiness Page show up for keywords relavent to your business? At Sean Hakes Consulting, we’ll properly optimize your GMB profile to enhance your chance of showing up for keywords that matter.

SEO Recommendations

Digital Marketing firms in many cases resell others services that can positively impact your SEO for a premium. Business Listing Management is an great example. We’ve seen digital marketing firms sell a $35/mo business listing management package for as much as $500/mo. At Sean Hakes, we can help you buy additional services needed at cost.

Weekly Ranking Reports

At Sean Hakes, we’ll give you access to real-time reporting that will track your website’s visibility, traffic, and other important metrics to manage your success online.

e-Ticketing Support

One way we’re able to cut cost is through the introduction of our e-Ticketing support system. Do you have a question, need assistance? You can reach one of our experienced team members through our ticketing system 24-7-365 and get a response within 1 business day.

Feeling motivated? At Sean Hakes, all services are month-to-month! We do not have contracts so if you’re not completely satisfied, you’re not tied to us! That being said, we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with our offering so sign up today by entering your information below. Here are a few things we’ll need from you to get started with your campaign.

  1. Website Login (Administrative Access)
  2. Google MyBusiness Access (if available)
  3. Google Analytics (if available, if not we will create one for you!)

Questions? Comments? Email sean (@) today.